What is a rover Scout?
For 18-26 year olds, Rover scouts is a network offering exciting opportunities whether you’re into rock-climbing, partying or something more obscure.

Becoming a Rover scout welcomes you to a network encompassing 450 Scout Groups, as well as many Universities and IT’s around the country. So you’ll always find someone to share your interests, and even go for a drink afterwards.

But it’s more than just a social club. For many, the Leaving Cert is over and real life is about to begin, some are already in the thick of it. College, jobs, money and relationships are all a part of life. This is the time of life when we need to build our experience (and CV’s), make our mistakes and enjoy life.

So when you and your mates organise a snowboarding trip to Switzerland, you’re gaining vital skills which would make any employer take notice when you turn up for an interview – Rover scouts helps you harness this.

Meet Our Crew

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